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Success Story: Things Changed When Mackenzie Put Herself First

It's been over a year since Mackenzie started on her fitness journey.

She was tired of not putting herself first, and tired of being an unhappy and unhealthy person. So she moved out of her parents' house, and completely changed her lifestyle.

Mackenzie started doing all of her own cooking and joined Surrey Fitness World. She's been working hard and making gains ever since!

It's been challenging, of course, but Mackenzie's roommate also joined the gym and made the same eating changes as she did, which made for an excellent source of support and accountability.

Success Story: Things Changed When Mackenzie Put Herself First at SNFC

The staff at Steve Nash have been wonderful. They always seem happy to see you, and give you pointers or words of encouragement.

Mackenzie tried to make this change once before, and by joining her local rec centre gym, but she struggled to stay motivated when the equipment she wanted was always in use, and she just never felt comfortable there.

At Steve Nash Fitness World, she was able to hit her weight loss goals because of the support she received. 

I have lost over a 100 pounds since I started. I have become more outgoing, confident, and self-assured. I was wearing a size XXXL last year and now I can wear a Large or Medium consistently. It blows my mind. I have grown so much this year from the inside out. My journey hasn't been easy, and it certainly isn't finished, but I'm so proud of the progress I've made.

Mackenzie is incredibly determined, and we couldn't be more proud of her success! 

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