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Success Story: Shirley L.'s Journey from Gym-timidated to Weight-Lifting Enthusiast

Like many women, Shirley avoided lifting weights.

She thought that girls who lifted weights looked too strong or muscular. She much preferred a tiny waist and skinny legs. But she was keen on losing some weight, and would try anything.

For the past few years, Shirley was wanting to lose weight, and get into shape. She found herself following ridiculous diets––like the apple diet (eat only apples in 3 days), and the 21-day-diet (fast during the first three days, and followed an extremely low-cal meal plan). She even tried many different diet pills, some of which had negative side effects. Throughout her dieting, she managed to hit her target weight a couple of times, but was still never happy with her body, nor was she able to maintain the weight.

Finally, the idea of getting a personal trainer hit her, and fortunately for her, that’s when Steve Nash Fitness World Marine Gateway opened, so she decided to join.

Success Story - Shirley - Steve Nash Fitness World Marine Gateway

Building self confidence in the gym

And Marine Gateway is where Shirley met Timothy. Together, they set a few goals: to lose some weight, tone up, and gain some muscle mass. At the beginning, seven minutes on the stair master killed Shirley. She couldn’t squat the bar, nor could she press the lightest pink kettlebell.

For the first two months, Shirley worked with Timothy three days a week to build her self-cofidence and learn the ropes. Prior to working out with Tim, she was embarassed to work out on her own, so when she went to the gym, she only spent time on the treadmill. She soon realized that she had much more confidence thanks to Tim's continued support.

To this day, Timothy still trains Shirley three times a week.

Aside from lifting, he also taught Shirley basic nutritional facts, and how much caloric intake would work for her body. Every weekend now, she makes a grocery list and does meal prep for the week. She enjoys learning different and healthy ways to prepare her meals.

After working out for a few months, she felt her body start to change, which motivated her even more. She started to go to the gym six times a week. It became the most important part of her daily routine. The results were making her feel good, so she made it her priority.

In nine months, Shirley lost weight, gained muscle, and started to feel remarkably better. Every day now, she feels energetic! And since she started working out, she's able to eat a little more than usual, because her metabolism has changed.

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As Shirley began to immerse herself into fitness, her body perceptions also changed.

She gave up on her "skinny" dreams, and started to appreciate a strong, toned physical image. She's proud of herself for eating better and developing a healthy fitness habit. That means more to her than the number on the scale ever will. 

"I feel excited every time I see a gym around. Obviously, I didn’t feel that way nine months ago."

It’s not only about the physical transformation, but also the mental change. Shirley used to care a lot about what other people thought of her physical apperence. Tim gave her the confidence to believe in herself and not to worry about what others think. He is not only her personal trainer, but a life mentor, as well.

For Shirley, fitness has became a life-long habit, not just a passing passion. She knows she will never be perfect, but she will always feel healthy and comfortable in her own skin. 

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