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Success Story: How Shadi Made Changes For Her Growing Family

Sometimes we not only make changes for ourselves, but for the people in our lives who matter the most.

Diagnosed with pre-diabetes after the birth of her second child, Shadi felt inspired to live a healthier life for the sake of her family.

Weight gain and overall health had never been an issue for her. She lost all her baby weight from her first child easily. Losing it after her second child proved to be more difficult.


During this pregnancy I gained much more weight. I was also so tired all the time; I could barely stay awake during the days and I was worried about returning to work as I had difficulty standing up and sitting down on my down.


Shadi signed up at the Steve Nash Park Royal Fitness World location and began training with her personal trainer, Sarah. Before joining, Shadi had never stepped foot in a gym and had limited exercise experience. Sarah helped her overcome her feelings of intimidation.


I started training with Sarah and was very intimidated at first when I learned that I was very out of shape even doing the most basic things. But Sarah was very motivating and positive and gradually, I got better and better at exercise!

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She has her entire family rooting her on as she moves towards her fitness goals, and has returned the favour by encouraging them to make healthier changes in their lives. Her biggest (and smallest) supporters, her 2 young daughters, are fascinated by her fitness journey and are always looking to learn more about exercising.


I am setting a good example for my two young girls who see me getting fit and healthy and ask questions about how, why, and even when they can start!

Today she continues to see her trainer weekly and continues to see the results she is looking for.

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