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Success Story: Samuel Chung's commitment to fitness helped him feel good, and look good!

You know what they say; if you feel good, you look good. 

Samuel suffered from a number of health issues due to an improper diet and inconsistent exercise. 

From various skin conditions, feeling tired and drowsy, susceptible to illnesses: "I looked physically unattractive and was consistently depressed," he said. 

But, one day, Samuel made the commitment to get his health on track by regularly going to the gym and being conscious of his diet. Since he started, Samuel lost 20 pounds: "I have a six-pack, low body fat percentage, and I look great without a shirt!"


It was the team at Steve Nash Fitness World that gave me the motivation to not only accomplish, but decimate my goals to a level I never thought possible. With all the equipment and available advice, I had all I needed to succeed. Accomplishing my fitness goals not only gave me a better life in health, but it also gave me the self-confidence I needed in my life outside of the gym as well. Everyday I wake up smiling and full of energy, and that is something you can not put a price tag on.

Samuel credits his success to a number of trainers: Amanda pushed his cardio and his weight loss, while John Lu trained him in mind-muscle connection.

GET A FREE 7-DAY PASSNow, Samuel is working on specific muscle groups to increase the way he looks and feels. After learning the fundamentals, he's taking all that he's learned from his trainers and utilizing them in his daily workout programs!

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