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Success Story: How Samantha Gained Confidence (and Overcame Injury) Through Fitness

Life is a journey, and not a race. This is essential to remember on any fitness journey, especially when you're trying to overcome injury!

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Samantha tore her ATFL (anterior talofibular ligament) and was order off of work for six weeks. Determined to stay in shape, she joined Steve Nash Kelowna Fitness World, going five days each week, with her air cast on. Once the cast was off, Samantha just kept pushing herself harder. 

sn_social_oct21-26_ss_samanthaSuccess Story: How Samantha Gained Confidence (and Overcame Injury) Through Fitness

She moved to Victoria Fitness World shortly after. Knowing her goals, Samantha wanted professional help. This is when she met trainer, Chris P. Thanks to Chris, Samantha regained confidence in herself, and being able to use her foot for hiking.

I have never felt stronger or more motivated in my life and see it in my every day life. I now can run up my stairs and run up my hill without breathing heavy or feeling tired. I have so much zest for life and losing the 70lbs and gaining so much confidence that I can tackle anything in life.

Previously, Samantha's weight had been hard for her social and personal life, as she felt restricted from trying new things, exploring life, and being adventurous. But since these changes, she is out socializing, and meeting new people with more confidence, and without fear. 

I am amazed at myself everyday for accomplishing this so far at a far faster rate than I was ever thinking.

Today, Samantha is walking more and more each day, along with hiking, and taking martial arts classes, always remembering that she can make the best choices for herself everyday to have a healthy mindset. 

Life is a journey, and not a race. 

Samantha knows she still wants to lose more weight, all while becoming faster and more agile. And she will continue to work with Chris to achieve these goals. 

He pushes you past your limit because he knows that you have it in you and that you have so much more potential than you realize.

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