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Success Story: Even With Life-Long Disease, Rosa D. Gained Back her Body and her Life

Rosa never wanted to be dainty. She wanted to be stronger than her peers. She wanted to be the hero, impress, and surprise people with what she was capable of doing. And she did it, until she couldn't. 

One day, everything Rosa had worked to achieve – the rockhard stomach, noticeable triceps, thunderous thighs – were tested when her kidneys began to give up on her. 

Rosa began gaining weight quickly, had chronic fatigue, was vomitting uncontrollably and fainting often. After a number of medications and procedures that were detrimental to her body, she couldn't keep up with her gym visits, despite her best efforts. 

By 23, her kidneys completely failed. Rosa was on dialysis 3 times per week, for four hours at a time (that's 12 hours each week!)

Success Story: Even With Life-Long Disease, Rosa D. Gained Back her Body and her Life


I tried my best to keep working and go to college but it all became too much and the gym was a distant thought. My body weight was down to 85lbs, my hard earned muscle a simple memory. Was it always going to be like this?

At 24, Rosa began a new type of dialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis. This meant she would have a bloated stomach and a foot long tube sticking out of it. It seemed her dream of being that physically strong woman was fading. 

Years go by. My health does not improve. have countless procedures, medications, tests, and thousands of needles. I lose my job, my relationship, my home, my body. I drop out of college.

After finding a treatment that worked (Nocturnal Dialysis), Rosa finally started to feel like herself again. 

Three years ago, Rosa's mother, who has been a Fitness World member since the 1980's, purchased her a membership to Langley Fitness World to help get Rosa back on track! 

Slowly, and with much determination, Rosa saw her muscles growing. Without vitamins or additional protein supplements, she started to see the body she had been striving for. 

Without the support and encouragement [from Steve Nash] I don't know where I would be. The staff treat you like family. The trainers are always there to help ... I have made friends there as well who have helped me with my life immensely. It's just a friendly, happy place free of judgement. 

At this time, Rosa will still need treatment for the rest of her life (25 hours each week), and will likely still feel sick and tired at times, but her determination keeps her going. Her depression hasnt bothered her in years, she can see her shoulder definition, and her six pack is back!

Everything is amazing. I love my life. I love everything about it [and] I'll be damned if there isn't anything I can do to prolong it, and look pretty darn hot while doing it ... I am doing amazing. I'm sorry if this sounds really vain, but I feel like I've earned it!

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