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Success Story: After Major Physical Setbacks, Isabel Gained Strength and Confidence at SNFC

Isabel's initial goal when joining SNFC was to strengthen her back and core, improve her balance and mobility, and gain personal confidence.

After three major physical setbacks, Isabel felt like a lump. She broke her leg, fractured her shoulder, and had major abdominal surgery during a two-year period. Her back was in constant pain, and she was getting depressed. She needed to do something.

Success Story: After Major Physical Setbacks, Isabel Gained Strength and Confidence at SNFC

She needed to conquer her fear of the gym, and her fear of failure.

After her last surgery, Isabel was limited to walking only; her physician prescribed no lifting of any kind for at least three months. Once she got the okay to do more than just walking, she went online and booked a tour of the club and sat down to get some member information. She signed up that day.

Isabel had confidence issues and pre-determined ideas about gyms in general:

"Only fit people go to the gym". 
"It's expensive".
"I can't do it".
"I don't have time".
"I don't even know how to use the machines". 
"People at gyms are judgemental."

But she went to the club, and she signed up. No excuses. After signing up, she booked an appointment to have someone show her the equipment and how it to use it. She met a lovely young woman, dressed up as a cow (it happened to be Halloween). Her name was Shainey Dobbin.

Shainey listened carefully to Isabel's story and her concerns, then spent plenty of time showing her the ladies fitness area, and then set her up on the treadmill. Isabel got her business card and thanked her for her help.

For the following three months, Isabel set a goal for herself to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes, two times per week. After the three months, she got the all-clear from her physician that she was able to increase her activities, so she emailed Shainey, the trainer who had helped her, and asked if she could come and talk to her about training.

Isabel started out with 30-minute training sessions two to three times per week to increase her mobility, back and core strength, and balance. She started to really enjoy it! And she was starting to feel better and see significant results in her mobility.

Isabel has conquered her fear of the gym.

After one year of 30-minute sessions, she went to 60-minute sessions, and started to do more cardio and strength training.

She's gone from strolling, to running on the treadmill. 

My journey and personal successes at Steve Nash are all due to the encouragement and hard work of the Personal Trainers at my club. I would not be where I am today without my Personal Trainer, but also the support and encouragement of the of PT's who see me working out on a regular basis, it is amazing how their comments of encouragement lift ones confidence.

Isabel is still training with her Personal Trainer three to four times per week, and has gone from using no weights, to pushing herself each week to increase her strength.

She also trained for her first ever 5k run, the Fall Classic, in November 2016. Her trainer encouraged and challenged her participate in the race, although she had never run a day in her life until this point. 

Isabel has lost inches and gained muscle. Her mobility and balance have improved immensely and her confidence has soared to new levels. 

We're so happy our team at SNFC, and particularly Shainey, could assist in helping Isabel get back on her feet!

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