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Success Story: How Nathan B. Improved His Health with SNFC

It all started with a cheeseburger, combined with a crazy work schedule... and just like that–Nathan was out of shape. He had little-to-no energy, and at one point, he was was even sleeping up to twelve hours on his days off.

He saw a few doctors, and eventually found an endocrinologist who told him that he had a hypoactive thyroid (and he was only 27-years-old). At least this explained the symptoms of lack of energy, his sluggish-ness, and cloudy memory. The doctor gave him some medication and told him to do some high intensity interval training (HIIT), avoid certain foods, and eat more healthy foods. Nathan didn't listen too well on the exercise or diet part, but he took the medication. He continued to work his crazy schedule of 12-14 hours a day, sometimes hitting the gym, but not committing to the HIIT exercise regime. He was feeling alright––not great––but better then before.


Eventually Nathan quit his job, packed his bags, and headed west to Vancouver. He started working out regularly at a gym, but he wasn't getting any results. He then decided to try Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club, because the hours were much better than his previous gym. When he first got set up with his membership, a staff member asked if he was interested in personal training.

He thought, 'hey, what a great idea!' Nathan wanted to start living healthier, and decided to take the leap and start training with Paul from Kitsilano Fitness World

On Nathan's first session, he admits he was a little intimidated. The exercises were difficult, and the nutrition plan was not as desirable as he would have hoped. As time went by, though, Nathan noticed changes because of the coaching––he was starting to look good and feel good! Nathan's trainer, Paul, was even becoming a mentor to him.

"I'm still the same guy as before, but just a better version of myself."

That's when his attitude shifted. Instead of thinking of exercise and eating healthy as a chore, he started to really enjoy his new, healthy lifestyle.

Nathan has lost about 25 lbs through training with Paul in the last year, and he continues to get stronger and leaner every day. He is also no longer intimidated to go into the gym and workout. But most importantly, he has more energy throughout the day, and feels way better mentally and physically than before.

"On the down side, I had to buy all new clothes because everything is too big for me now!"  

It just goes to show, that sometimes, you just need a little nudge in the right direction to start making better choices for yourself. Congratulations on living a healthier and more active life, Nathan!

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