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Success Story: How Natascha V. Overcame Leg Pain and Her Fear of Going to the Gym

Natascha's goal was to lose weight in order to improve her health, to feel happier about herself, and to overcome her fear of going to the gym by herself. 

Whilst living in Germany from 1992-2003, Natascha discovered she was having problems with her right leg. Doctors there found an aneurysm behind her knee, and she had to have two major surgeries that left scars, and she experienced years of pain and discomfort as a result.

Success Story: How Natascha V. Overcame Leg Pain and Her Fear of Going to the Gym

When Natascha returned to Canada, she had extensive tests done, and it was confirmed by a Hematologist that she had a blood coagulation disorder called the "Factor V Leiden."

She continued to have problems with her leg as a result from the surgeries. Lymph vessels were damaged during the surgeries that caused her leg to swell, making it hard for her to walk longer distances.

Natascha admits that she did not look after herself after returning to Canada. She says she probably could have found ways to look after her leg with proper nutrition, exercise, or help from Lymphatic Drainage Massage, but she didn't. She let herself go––she was snacking, eating larger food portions, skipping breakfast, and buying microwavable foods instead of cooking proper meals.

She worked a desk job, so she sat a lot and didn't exercise much, resulting in enough weight gain that her family and friends became concerned. They tried a number of times to discuss it with her, but she wasn't interested. She had to figure it out for herself and that's what finally happened last year.

Natascha hated living in constant pain and discomfort, and realized she couldn't live like that anymore and something had to be done. She had never set foot in a gym so she knew that it was going to be a challenge. After researching the gyms in the Kelowna area, she came across the Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club and became a member.

The sales staff were helpful and fantastic. I felt no pressure at all when talking with them. It was the best decision I made for myself in a very long time.

Natascha worked with Eric Beech, one of the personal trainers at the Steve Nash Fitness World in Kelowna. Eric first helped her get over the fear of going to the gym and working out on her own through really good talks, and also helped her to realize that just training sessions with him alone would not get her to where she wanted to be down the road.

After a couple of weeks, Natascha went from going to the gym twice a week for training sessions, to five days a week.

Eric motivated her to work harder and with time, when realized that she was willing to put in 150% without any complaints, he invested 150% of his time in her. In plain truth, he believed in Natascha and that made all the difference.

Eric helped Natashca learn about proper nutrition, so much so that she has now completely changed her eating habits. She eats a healthy breakfast every day, prepares a healthy lunch to take to work, and eats a proper dinner at home. She's no longer eating junk food or take-out, and she says she doesn't even miss it! She wears a FitBit to help track her daily progress, and she logs her daily food intake on her MyFitnessPal app so that she can keep tabs on her daily calorie count.

Eric set up a great balance of workout routines that proved successful for getting Natascha results. He pushed her to new limits that she never thought she could reach.

In plain truth, Eric was the best thing that could have happened to me, a true mentor. I owe him a lot of gratitude for what I achieved in the time that I worked with him and where I am today.

When Natascha started her fitness journey, she weighed 260 pounds. As of today, she weighs 189 pounds––in total, she lost 71 pounds.

She lost 53lbs while working with her trainer, Eric, and lost the remaining 18lbs on her own.

Instead of sitting around and watching movies, Natascha says she is much more active now, walking a lot and doing 4-5 hour hikes without pain in her leg, which is a huge milestone for her. Before, she couldn't even walk three blocks without pain.

I will admit that I do not go 5 days a week anymore like I did in the beginning but I still work out every day as I have established a healthy balance of being able to work out at the gym, being able to work out at home and being active on the weekend by getting out and doing long walks/hikes. Compared to where I was when I started, I have to say that I feel like a million bucks because I achieved my goals.

We're so proud of Natascha and all she's done with her nutrition, weight loss, and ability to walk and hike long distances.

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