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Success Story: How Montana Built Confidence and Turned Her Health Around

Montana began her fitness journey in 2014 as a university student working full-time. Stress was a big part of her life, and she dealt with it by eating.

She looked in the mirror one day and realized she was at her heaviest weight ever. She weighed 360 pounds, and knew something had to change! The extra weight affected so many aspects of her life, including her physical and mental health.

There is a history of heart disease and diabetes in Montana's family, so she feared that if she didn't change her lifestyle, she was heading down a dark path.

The problem is, Montana was also afraid to live her life, due to feelings of insecurity regarding how people perceived her. She was afraid to get on a plane, because she worried she wouldn't be able to fit in the seat; she was afraid to participate in activities with her friends because public places made her uncomfortable; and she was afraid she wouldn't be able to keep up with her friends while doing outdoor activities, so she declined any invitiations.

Success Story: How Montana Managed to Turn Her Health Around

At the age of 26 when life should be exciting and full of memorable experiences, Montana was preventing herself from experiencing life. She decided to join Victoria Fitness World to work on her physical health.

She worked with professionals to look at her eating habits and began her journey into better health. She slowly began to see the progress––she lost 20 pounds, then 40, then 60 pounds! She was hooked!

Montana felt healthier, stronger, and more confident in her ability to accomplish her fitness goals. She started hiking and traveling, and living her life again with friends and family.

She found fun, new ways to increase her strength and lose weight––weight lifting, group fitness classes, running, yoga––anything to enjoy her time while staying physically healthy.

Montana has lost 130 pounds since 2014, and still continues to lose weight.

Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club provided a wonderful environment to continue with my weight loss and health journey. The Victoria club provides a large space with a great atmosphere and has flexible hours that allow for me to maintain my goals, even when my schedule is busy. The staff is friendly and takes an interest in your fitness goals while keeping you updated on events going on in the club.

Montana takes pride in the fact that she's managed to keep most of the weight off that she's already lost, and continues to work towards staying strong and pushing herself to create and complete attainable goals. 

Montana is an inspiration to anyone who is finding it hard to turn their life around just by walking into the gym. We're so happy she stuck with it!

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