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Success Story: Mel B. Discovered the Connection Between Nutrition and Her Fitness Goals

Starting your fitness journey can be the hardest part, but having someone to help you along makes it much easier!

Mel felt like her health journey was going to be a long one. 

She felt tired and lethargic. Looking back, she realizes it may have been from the additional weight that she was carrying. But when she began training at Steve Nash Fitness Clubs, she began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

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Working with Jory at Cambie Fitness World, she learned new routines, focused on building her strength and endurance. Initially she found it gruelling. 

There were occasions I cursed him under my breath. Needless to say, he didn't hear me and with a smile continued to explain the benefit of the activity he was describing.

After a few months, Mel was feeling stronger and had more endurance. She had gained muscle, and you could definitely see it! But she felt that the weight wasn't coming off at the rate she was hoping. Mel began to change up her eating plan, reducing the sugary foods and drinks that she loved. 


It was then that she saw the results that she was striving for, dropping nearly 2 pounds each week. 

It's amazing what physical activity and appropriate weight for height can do for you. I'll continue in my journey with the help of Jory, and now I know the benefits of regular exercise and diet.

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