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Success Story: Margaret Was Hiding Herself, Now She Runs Marathons

When Margaret was looking at photos of herself, she realized that she was hiding from the camera in every single one of them. Behind a purse, furniture, other people... anything to hide her body.  

In January 2016, it dawned on Margaret that her weight had yo-yo'd for the last 20 years. She had been diagnosed with celiac disease, stress-ate her way through grad school, and dealt with the anxiety that comes with being a new mom.

Margaret was ready to make a lifestyle change. This time, the change would be made for good, and this started with her diet

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Margaret began tracking food, understanding calorie consumption and nutrients, and eventually following a ketogenic diet

Within 7 months of this change, Margaret set her sights on running a half marathon. She knew to complete this, she would need to start adding fitness into her weight loss journey. Between running and her new diet, Margaret had dropped 40 lbs and over 6 dress sizes. 

Success Story: Margaret Marathon

Driven by her success, Margaret was ready to take her fitness to the next level and began working out at Steve Nash Downtown Sports Club, and booked in sessions with trainer, Gemma.

This was Margaret's game changer. She learned to build her core, adjust her nutrition for optimal long-distance running, and worked to increase stability. 

So now I have my first half marathon under my belt, four more on the calendar, and a goal to run a full marathon next October. In the meantime I'm now 139 lbs, a size 4 and have what's considered 'Athletic' body fat levels. I've never been athletic anything in my life, until now!!

Since beginning her journey with Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club, Margaret has also cut 10 minutes off of her 10 km running time, and felt that she has become strong and fit, rather than just slim. 

The convenience of having the club almost right across the street plus another location within a 10 minute walk of my home means that I'm always able to make my gym days and I am enjoying a greater range of cross training options through all the classes offered at the two locations.

Margaret continues to set and crush her goals (her newest is to be able to do pull ups!) 

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