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Success Story: Madison M. Found Fitness For Her Daughter

Most people start training to try to lose weight, but for Madison, she needed to gain to support a growing baby girl. 

Madison Mate began her fitness journey 5 years ago. At the time, she believed that plugging away on a treadmill and skipping dessert would give her the changes she strived for. 

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“My Instagram account was inundated with images of fit, strong, women, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I wasn't achieving these same results. I struggled to live a healthy lifestyle that I could maintain and be proud of.” 

That’s when she realized it was time to consider a healthy lifestyle. For Madison, it was her daughter, Quinn, who inspired her to shape up her physique.

Success Story: Madison M. Found Fitness For Her Daughter

Madison was introduced to Kalena, personal trainer at Steve Nash Langley, who helped shift her mindset to seeing the need to strengthen her body and mind in order to bring her daughter into the world.

“Upon my initial meeting with Kalena, it was very clear that my goals were extremely different than most others attending the gym–as I was striving to GAIN weight in the healthiest way possible to support the growth of my baby.”

After a healthy birth, Madison returned to Kalena with a whole new set of goals. She knew she had a new journey ahead of her, but she entrusted Kalena to help her hit those goals out of the park. 

Fast forward to now. 

Madison has lost 38lbs and is the strongest she has ever been. Fitness to her has become an essential piece of her newfound puzzle after moving to Langley without knowing anyone.

“Steve Nash Fitness became our "happy place," and it was here that we built a community that I didn't think was possible from a gym. It is the best thing I could have done for myself, my pregnancy, and my family. Thank you for helping me to discover my love of fitness.”

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