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Success Story: Kathrine T. Overcame Knee Injuries With Personal Training

Raising a child with autism while working two jobs were no match for Kathrine. After years of eating to battle stress, she took control over her life!

Kathrine had a hard year: her husband was away at boot camp for over half of the year, while she was raising her autistic son and working two jobs. To manage the stress, Kathrine ate... and ate and ate. 

On top of this, Kathrine's work involved standing for extended periods of time on a concrete floor, leading to overuse on her left knee. Along with her already full schedule, Kathrine was now seeing a physiotherapist three times per week, and was waiting on x-rays and MRIs. Finally, Kathrine was left with costly injections and therapy treatments, or would need to undergo knee surgery. All options left no guaranteed cure. 

Success Story: Kathrine T. Overcame Knee Injuries With Personal Training

At that point, Kathrine knew working on her physical fitness would be key to finding lasting results. 

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Kathrine met Cezar Bestea from Langley Fitness World and began her training. Immediately, she noticed she was losing fat and gaining muscle. Finally, Kathrine had functional mobility in her knee. 

Cezar is a joy to work with. We even do videos of my exercises and progress that I post on my social media with #langleylegacy. My friends and followers are inspired and more dedicated fitness enthusiasts who look forward to our next post. 

At 50 years old, Kathrine is feeling stronger than ever. Her knee is highly function, and she has energy to spare. 

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