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Success Story: Karen V. Found Fitness through Spin Classes

Many times, life can get in the way of a healthy lifestyle. But recognizing where you may have lost track, and knowing you want to find your path is key to making changes. 

Living with chronic pain, Karen used this as an excuse to avoid exercise. But she became tired and unhappy with this part of her life. 

I finally decided to do something about it-no more excuses or secrets.  I decided to change everything. 

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Karen decided it was time to be accountable for what she was eating. She decided to put the excuses aside and follow through with a healthy lifestyle. The transformation was not quick and easy, but Karen knew if she kept going to spin classes at SNFC, she would see the change she aimed for.

Karen V. Found Fitness through Spin Classes

After one year, Karen injured her achilles and was unable to attend her spinning classes. But, with the help of a personal trainer she signed up for in May 2017, she was able to get back on her bike 1 month later. Her trainer was able to modify her training to prevent further injury while still keeping her goals in mind; losing weight and gaining strength.

From July 2016 to May 2017 I lost 50 pounds and was able to walk with less knee pain and enjoy spinning classes. From June 2017 to present I have lost another 28 by adding strength training to my regime. Working with a personal trainer has been key, my strength and balance have improved considerably.

After lots of hard work, dedication, and time with a trainer, Karen has become confident, healthy, and passionate about fitness.

We’re so happy for you and your accomplishments!


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