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Success Story: How Exercise Helped Joleen Overcome Her Depression and Anxiety

Joleen's fitness journey started when she woke up unhappy with her weight, depression, and anxiety. She felt embarrassed about herself and knew something had to change in order to improve her outlook on life.

She signed up the at Steve Nash Kelowna Fitness World and overcame her insecurities of stepping into the gym. She immediately felt at home.


From the moment I stepped into the gym, I knew this was the right place for me. I know so many people on a first name basis and am proud to call a few of the staff and trainers friends. When you struggle with anxiety, going into a gym very over weight is extremely hard. But I am always treated with respect and kindness whenever step foot in the gym! 


Joleen has been training hard, pushing towards the 100lbs. lost mark. She has also found relief from her depression and anxiety since taking up a more active lifestyle.



I am no longer on medications for anxiety, depression, and I have a new lease on life. This journey has saved my relationships with myself and others!

Today, Joleen trains 4-5 days a week and has indulged in group fitness classes to switch up her exercise routine. 


Pound Class is my favourite! It's a fun workout that gets your heart rate up to burn tons of calories. I have almost met my first 100lb. goal and plan on being a Fitness World member for many years!

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