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Success Story: How Jenoah Started Living #BeyondSNFC With The Perfect Personal Trainer

Taking on the role as a new mom can mean big changes. For Jenoah, that also meant  a drastic weight and lifestyle change. 

Jenoah became pregnant in October 2015, and gained 72lbs over the course of those nine months, however, she didn't realize this until her son was already three months old. 

Success Story: How Jenoah Started Living #BeyondSNFC With The Perfect Personal Trainer

In part,  Jenoah found motivation in her husband who led a healthy and active life. She wanted to be able to play with her kids and climb mountains with her husband. She didn't just want to lose weight, she wanted the lifestyle that she felt would come with this weight loss. 

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Like many new moms, Jenoah believed she just didn't have the time to workout, until she learned to make it a priority. Her first step? Getting a membership at Steve Nash Fitness Clubs.

Every time I came into the gym I knew I was getting closer to my goal. It was so difficult at first because I expected so much more of myself but the staff at Fitness World encouraged me to continue on.

The more that Jenoah would honour her commitment to show up at Kingsway Fitness World, the more energy she had in her day-to-day life. 

The staff at Kingsway helped to light a fire for Jenoah, setting her up with a personal trainer who was her perfect match. Jenoah was able to work with a few different trainers until she found one that fit just right (kind of like Goldilocks!). 

My trainer expected so much more of me that I could for myself. I cannot share the number of times he told me to do something and my first thought was "there is no way..." but I learned to trust him, and sure enough my body continued to surprise me.

It wasn't just her trainer that kept Jenoah coming back. From front desk staff whose smiling faces brightened Jenoah's day, to staff on the floor who helped to encourage her each day, Jenoah felt the support and motivation from everyone. 

So where is Jenoah today? 

Today, Jenoah is back to her pre-pregnancy weight–even less! What's better? She has more energy than she has had in years, giving her the stamina to play with her children for hours, even outplaying them some days! 

Jenoah is even keeping up with her husband! While she was at her highest weight, Jenoah was unable to complete a hike with her husband without stopping and convincing herself that she couldn't keep going. Now, they're celebrating anniversaries climbing waterfalls, jumping across boulders, and scaling rocks–all barely breaking a sweat!

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