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Success Story: How Valeria Completed the Spartan Race

Pregnancy and parenthood can make finding time for fitness difficult. As Valeria demonstrates though, it is possible.

2 challenging pregnancies left Valeria at the heaviest weight she'd ever been. She quickly learned how she had almost no time for herself, and taking care of herself fell to the bottom of her priorities list.

With 2 young girls to look after, and the her return to full-time work looming, she jokingly thought that the only way she would be able to workout was if she did it at 5am. Then she thought to herself, "why not?". Working in the healthcare field, Valeria knew all too well how beneficial exercise is for preventing chronic conditions. Exercising regularly would also help her serve as a role model for her daughters.


Her 5am weekday workouts were at first a nice break away from her nighttime feeds, but they quickly morphed into something else.


It then became a time where it was just about me and I could focus on getting stronger and healthier. This was the start of my journey to get back my pre-pregnancy body. To have energy to take care of my girls and to achieve a goal I was about to give up on.

After spending some time in the gym, she decided she wanted something concrete to work towards. She then signed-up to do the Spartan Race. She casually mentioned the race to a trainer, Lindsey, one morning only to learn that she had also recently signed-up.It was then that Valeria decided to sign-up for personal training with her.


Lindsey built her a fitness program for her to prepare for the big race and got started on what turned out to be the most difficult fitness endeavour of her life.


There were times where I thought, what have I gotten myself into? There is no way I am going to be able to do even one of the obstacles on the race let alone 20+! I wanted to quit. Lindsay pumped me up every morning with her positive vibes and motivating words both during and outside of our training sessions. It always amazed me how positive and uplifting she was, I mean who smiles at 5am let alone cheers you on during a workout?!

Lindsey's support went beyond the walls of the gym. When race day came, Lindsey was there with her cheering her on at the starting line. When Valeria was finishing, Lindsey was standing there in the pouring rain to cheer her on as she finished. 

Valeria credits Lindsey as a huge reason for her success and where she is today. From working hard to get her booked for a free training session on her birthday, to motivating her at 5am everyday, Lindsey was the rock she needed to stay on top of her fitness routine.

When she first started her fitness journey, her initial goal was to lose the 28lbs she gained during her pregnancies. Since then she has lost 30lbs and has gained more muscle mass than she's ever had in her life.

It's been a long journey for Valeria, but one she wouldn't change.


Reflecting back to where I was at when I started and to where I am now is something I am very proud of. I successfully completed 16 of the 20 obstacles in a Spartan race and found such dedicated and supportive trainers. Life changing. I’m still enjoying my 5am weekday workouts and am contemplating my next fitness goal!

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