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Success Story: How Sterling Regained Control of His Life Using Fitness

Events in your life can cause fitness to take a backseat.

2016 was a rough year for Sterling. His house flooded which resulted in him being displaced for 6 months. With an uncertain housing situation, he turned to food to help him cope with his feelings and emotions.

This behaviour soon turned into an addiction to food. Sterling would eat out at restaurants for every meal, 3 times a day. His weight soared from 180lbs to 294lbs at his heaviest. His diet and sedentary lifestyle caused him to become so large that he couldn't bend over to tie his shoelaces. His emotional eating and addiction to food only got worse when he and his girlfriend broke up.

Sterling knew this lifestyle wasn't sustainable. He wasn't happy with the way he looked and how he felt. He knew something had to change.


Sterling slowly got himself back into exercise. He started out doing yoga in 2018 and began to love and cherish himself again. While he was happy with his progress and hopeful for the future, he knew he would need help to gGET A FREE GOAL ASSESSMENTet his life back. He signed-up at Steve Nash Langley Fitness World ready to crush his goals.

He met his trainer, Lindy, at the gym that summer. She challenged him to make fitness a priority in his life and give training a serious try. He met for a consultation with her and was hooked.

Since then, he has been progressing well. He continues to build more muscle and keeps challenging himself to lift heavier and work harder.


Exercising is moving me closer and closer to my goals of being fit and muscular. I'm proud to say I have regained flexibility and am able to tie my shoes with no issues and no pain. I forgot what it felt like to feel this good. Thank you Lindy, and everyone at Steve Nash for making me feel welcome and encouraging me to keep on with my goals!

Congrats Sterling!

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