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Success Story: How SNFC Helped Chelsea Make Positive Changes in Her Life

During the timespan of one year, Chelsea's father, grandmother, and grandfather all passed away; she ended her engagement, and she was involved in a car accident. 

Needless to say, she was going through some anxiety and depression. She felt herself going into a downward spiral that she felt she would never come out of.

Fitness and playing sports had always been a stress reliever for her growing up––however, her anxiety and depression made it very difficult for her to workout––she had gained a lot of weight and was self-conscious about the way she looked.

Chelsea tried going to the gym and working out alone, but she often couldn't bring herself to make it out of the house, or car, to actually go inside the gym. Or if she actually made it there, she would workout for only thirty minutes, and then her anxiety would get the best of her, and she would have to leave.

She also tried doing Group Fitness classes on her own, but she just felt like just giving up. Chelsea wanted to make a positive change in her life, be happy, healthier, and stronger again. She knew she had to continue pushing herself––but it was not easy.

That's when Chelsea met Emily, a trainer at the Delta Fitness WorldShe started working out with Emily, and following some meal plans that she gave her. Working out both with, and without, a trainer was very hard for Chelsea, though. Most days she wanted to quit, give up, and continue down the path she was going before, but she knew she couldn't keep living like that. She needed to continue, to push herself to make this positive change.

After a few months, Chelsea's trainer was offered another position at a gym in Kelowna. That is when she met her current trainer, Julianne.

Success Story: How SNFC Helped Chelsea Make Positive Changes in her life

Julianne helped Chelsea to make a complete turnaround in her fitness, and in her life! She worked closely with Chelsea, giving her meal plans and workout plans that she could do on her own.

Chelsea was finally enjoying working out at the gym, and although she was still having some trouble working out on her own, she was finally pushing herself to do it more and more everyday. She even started trying some of the classes that Steve Nash offers, on days that she was not training with her trainer.

A few months into her training with Julianne, Chelsea got Bell's Palsy, which is paralysis on one side of the face. She was told by her doctors that it would most likely be permanent, and not to put too much strain on herself. That brought back the depression. She felt like giving up and going back to her old ways. Instead, she continued to push herself and stick to her workouts and healthy eating.

I can honestly say Steve Nash Fitness World and their staff are the reason I had such a positive change and helped me to be the strong woman I am today!

Chelsea started her fitness journey at 152 pounds. A year and a half later, she is 114 pounds, and she is able to maintain her weight, while gaining muscle and toning her body.

It has been a hard road. Due to my accident, I could not work out as hard as I wanted. However, with the excellent help of my trainer and the drive to want to succeed, I was able to not only hit my target weight, but surpass it and become stronger, healthier and just overall a happy person. In fact, I can finally go to the gym on my own and work out with confidence! I can finally say that when I look in the mirror I am happy with who I see, not only on the outside, but on the inside as well!

Training with Julianne gave Chelsea the motivation to workout and overcome her challenges. She claims that sessions with Julianne were like going to therapy and working out at the same time. She knew where Chelsea wanted to be, and took the time to put together a meal and workout plan, and worked extremely hard to assist her in achieving her goals. 

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