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Success Story: How Sara Overcame Stress-Eating and Rediscovered Her Body Through Fitness!

I always felt like a 'fat' girl, and my body was my biggest insecurity since I was young. I worked out all the time for hours on end, and at times my numbers on the scale would go down but my confidence level would not go up.

In her first year as an University student, Sara began stress-eating oily and greasy foods. She would workout to burn off  all the unhealthy food she was eating but eventually would get frustrated and give up. She was then became severely depressed and obese. 

Sara was studying kinesiology and seeing everyone looking so fit and healthy around her made her feel even worse about herself. At that time, she realized that she needed to make some serious life changes, so she packed her suitcase and moved to Vancouver.


She knew that it was important to have support, so she decided to become a member of Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Clubs. At the gym she found a community that made her feel comfortable and supported.

Seeing familiar faces every day and watching peoples bodies transform is such a cool experience and working out at Steve Nash has made me friendlier, and has given me a community that I feel like I belong in. Everybody is so hardworking, motivated and encouraging, and I never felt embarrassed of working out with the body I had before.

In the beginning, Sara could barely walk on the treadmill, let alone run. She was not able to do planks for more than 10 seconds, and couldn't even do a single sit-up. She then started training with Michael Almeida at the Cambie location.

The trainer helped Sara get the body she've always wanted in only 6 months! Together, they designed a fully plant based diet that supported her fitness goals but also allowed her to enjoy her favourite foods!

When she first started training, Sara was about 165 pounds, and had a body fat percentage of 32%. In her most recent weight in, she went down to 147 pounds and 25% body fat. This journey not only gave her a new body, but also a lifestyle! 

There are things my body can do that I never expected and fitness is something I look forward to every day. I used to feel like going to the gym was a chore but now I literally skip watching TV shows or going out just so I can go to the gym because it's such a fun atmosphere for me.

Congrats, Sara! 

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