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Success Story: How Lindsay Used Personal Training to Bounce Back From an Injury

Lindsay was had been a long-term Steve Nash Fitness World member, using the gym as a place to relieve stress and frustration. 


This became essential for Lindsay when she was working in an elementary school, focused on helping students with special needs. While her job was very rewarding, it is also mentally and physically exhausting


The gym has always been my place of comfort—it “is my peace and quiet”. Over the years I have tried to make it a point to go several times a week to keep me physically and mentally fit.

In 2015, Lindsay's regime was put on hold as she dealt with a shoulder injury, achilles tendonitis, and chronic pain in her neck and shoulders from a slipped disc. She was forced to reduce her workouts and trade in gym visits for rest days, following orders from her physiotherapist, RMT and doctor. 

One year later, Lindsay was finally ready to get back to working out. Starting small, she made a goal to workout consistently three times each week. 

Lindsay completed two 12-week programs on her own, leading up to her 40th birthday. She was ready to feel her best! And luckily, around this time, Lindsay received her complimentary birthday training session. It was then that she met Cambie Fitness World personal trainer, Chandler Rose. 

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Chan’s knowledge, drive, and personable skills make for a great trainer. There is also a spirit about Chan that makes him very likeable which is another reason I have stuck with (or rather he was stuck with me) for the last year. 

In her first few sessions with Chandler, she saw the results she wanted, and fast! To stay focused and motivated as the weather cooled down, Lindsay decided to sign up for one of the Steve Nash challenges, focusing on muscle gain. Finishing in 10th place overall, she accomplished more than she'd set out to do!

I lost weight, put on more muscle, increased my strength, and also increased my cardiovascular fitness. I also came out with a better mindset—feeling happier and more confident about myself.

Lindsay continues to work on her strength, especially upper body. Alongside a fitter body, Lindsay has also re-vamped her meal prep routine. With this new mindset, she's eliminated a lot of snacking and can easily avoid foods that she is normally sensitive to. 

This new mindset has left Lindsay feeling happier, more confident and energetic. Not only does she see this difference at the gym, but it's also made a huge impact on her work and personal life. 

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