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Success Story: How Lauren D. Focused on Her Mental Health with Fitness

There are times when it is hard to find the motivation to do nearly anything. But consistently ignoring these feelings in hopes that it'll just get better can be detrimental to your health. 

For Lauren, she had been spending her days sleeping, but still tired, and barely leaving the house. She wasn't eating optimally, and wasn't getting much exercise. While she tried to make a change for the better, she still felt that she lacked the confidence and self love that she was searching for. 


When Lauren found Steve Nash Kelowna Fitness World, she was focused on fitness to change her physical appearance. 

I was also super focused on my physical appearance, all I cared about was looking good and the rest would come, or so I thought.

Success Story: How Lauren D. Focused on Her Mental Health with Fitness

Lauren started working with personal trainer, Willie, after a complimentary session. Originally, she had gone in with the hopes of learning some new exercises and creative workouts. But little did she know she would be hooked!

When she began her training, Lauren was on two separate medications, one for anxiety, and one for stomach issues. Right from the beginning of training with Willie, Lauren felt like she wasn't just being helped with her fitness goals, but with her mental goals as well. 

Willie has been more than just a trainer to me, he’s been my therapist, my friend, and my cheerleader. He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

Lauren's fitness journey started as a physical one, but became an escape and growth for her mental wellbeing. 


I am happier that I’ve even been and I am finally able to love myself for the first time in my life, which feels amazing!

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