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Success Story: How Jessica Found Balance in her Life Using Personal Training

Life gets busy, and exercise is often the thing that takes a backseat.

Jessica had always lived an active lifestyle. In her youth, she rode horses, played basketball, and was always spending time outside. She carried over this active lifestyle when she started university, joining her school's gym focussing on weightlifting and working an active job as a server.

Things took a dramatic change when she started her Masters Degree.

Her life became more sedentary than any other time in her life. She was spending upwards of 12 hours a day at school and succumbed to eating campus cafeteria food out of convenience. She went from doing over 15,000 steps a day to only 1000-2000.

As time went on, she noticed that she had gained nearly 20lbs and lost almost all her cardiovascular strength and abilities. She would find herself winded and out of breath from climbing the stairs in her apartment building. 

She finally decided that enough was enough. 

She signed-up at Steve Nash Yaletown Express Sports Club with a free 7-day pass and scheduled a fitness assessment with a trainer. Her fears about joining the gym were quickly put to rest once she met her trainer, Felix.



I felt so sheepish going in. But when I went for my assessment, Felix quickly put my fears to rest. He was enthusiastic, but importantly, he was also realistic. We talked about short-term and long-term goals, and made a plan for my diet, cardio, and strength workouts. Since then, I have on average maintained going to the gym (or doing some sort of workout outside) 5-6 days per week, and I have noticed huge improvements in my strength.


Jessica credits working with Felix as a biggest factor for her success in the gym. They work together 2 days a week and has found that her form has improved immensely. Felix is a stickler for form, helping prevent Jessica from sustaining injuries that could have derailed her progress. He supports her when she gets down on herself, encourages her when she does well during her workouts, and helps her set realistic expectations for her progress.

Jessica continues to make progress in the gym with the help of Felix. She has been focusing on building muscle and gaining strength while working towards her long-term goals. She has regained her confidence both inside and outside the gym and has found balance in her life.


I have gone on a few vacations since and the balance I have learned through the gym has helped me maintain my figure and fitness throughout those trips. Fitness and health have become  priorities and a part of my life, rather than an all-or-nothing thing for me. I still indulge semi-regularly, but maintain habits that mean that those indulges don’t derail my long-term goals.

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