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Success Story: How Harvinder Beat Plateau and Lost Almost 20% Body Fat!

Harvinder's fitness journey started when he realized that his unhealthy habits were stopping him from fully enjoying moments with his son. 

After gaining 280lbs, Harvinder's weight started to affect his everyday life. He was easily short of breath, tired, and having a hard time playing with his son because bending down or crouching was difficult. He was in a really dark place mentally, too. Harvinder felt depressed and broken.

That was the moment when he decided to put an end on all excuses and start a new life from scratch!

The commitment grew day by day. Initially, Harvinder focused on fixing his diet: he stopped eating junk food, pop, and started incorporating healthier choices such as chicken, eggs, veggies, and fruit into his routine. He then started to do cardio and weight training daily. 3 months into his journey, Harvinder had lost 40lbs already!


When everything was going well, and Harvinder was finally seeing the results of his commitment, he hit a dead stop.

He could have given up at that point, but he knew that he wouldn't come this far to stop. Harvinder then chose to ask for help and keep going! With the support of his trainer, Devon Manhas, he started a new workout routine and switched up his diet to overcome the plateau. 

The guidance of his trainer and the support from the SNFC community at Delta Fitness World were essential to push Harvinder further: 

The staff is unreal there, been super supportive. Everyone just makes me feel at home, never had an issue with anyone. Just an amazing atmosphere, that allows me to focus and get what I need done; done.


Harvinder learned how to count calories, track macros, and started a training program for more conditioning than anything. After a few months with a new nutritional plan and exercise routine, he dropped the last 35lbs, and achieve his final weight goal! 

With a new body, comes new goals! Currently, Harvinder is focused on heavy compound lifts, and time under tension style workouts to increase strength and muscle mass. He is now 220lbs and 17% body-fat; a drop of almost 20% from when he started! 

From a simple task of being more healthy I have embraced a new lifestyle that I am completely obsessed with. When I was at my lowest, the gym gave me second life and literally saved my life. Also none of this would've been possible with the support and partnership of my brother, Sukh Dhami. Never missed a day with me and always pushed me further then I thought I could. That's my story!

Way to go, Havinder! We are so proud to be part of your success story! 

What's is YOUR story? Share your fitness journey with us and be SNFC's 2020 Success Stories winner!