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Success Story: How Darla Overcame Mental Health Issues and Personal Tragedy with Fitness

Life is stressful. When it all becomes too much, it can be easy for your health to take a backseat.

Weight and exercise were never a problem for Darla in her youth. Everything changed for her during her first pregnancy at the age of 22.

She developed a panic disorder while pregnant. Because of her pregnancy, she couldn't take any medication to alleviate her anxiety. After giving birth, she was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder that led her on a journey of different pharmaceuticals.

While dealing with this diagnosis and the medications that came with it, Darla was hit with heartbreak. Her husband suddenly passed away at 42 from a heart attack. The emotional trauma from this tragedy led to a spiral in her life and health.



I gained and I gained weight – partly because of the medication, partly because of the depression, but mostly because of eating way too much and not moving at all

After some time, Darla re-married but still found the need to use food to cope with life. She was once again faced with a string of tough, trying times. Her second husband had a close brush with death from bacterial pneumonia and her doctor had recently diagnosed her with Type II diabetes. It was at this time that she knew things had to change for the better. She wanted to be a role model for her granddaughters and see them grow up. She was determined to not fail.

She immediately cut-back on the amount of food she was eating daily and made it a mission to walk at least 45 minutes everyday.

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Sometimes it hurt so much but I persevered. My body kept forgiving me, improving, and I got stronger and faster. Today I know I will never, ever go back because now I am back to normal and down 120 pounds.

Darla was pleased with her progress, but felt there was something missing. While she had lost a lot of weight, she was getting bored with her exercise routine and hit a weight plateau. She stepped into the Steve Nash Morgan Crossing Sports Club looking for help with the last leg of her weight loss journey. She signed-up with her trainer, Devin K, who has since expanded her fitness horizons.



There are so many different cardio machines, weights, battle ropes, and classes that I will never get bored. I've already tried so many different exercises with my trainer that I am re-energized again. I feel excited to go to the gym!

Today Darla is continuing to make significant progress. She feels much stronger, has seen dramatic improvements to her sleeping and is overall happier and full of energy.

Congrats Darla!

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