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Success Story: How Dallas S. Found Strength After Injury

Dallas dealt with years of injuries and life setbacks that kept his weight fluctuating, until he found a second home at Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club

At age 15, Dallas was involved in a severe ski accident where he ruptured his spleen, broke ribs, and tore a disk in his back. This kept Dallas from playing the contact sports he had grown to enjoy. With this new, sedentary life, Dallas saw his weight drastically increase over six years until he began working in a field requiring physical labour.

Success Story: How Dallas S. Found Strength After Injury

Soon after, Dallas was married, had children and changed careers to become an equipment operator. This meant less time doing physical work. Again, Dallas saw that a more sedentary life, alongside tearing his ACL and LCL lifestyle resulted in a weight increase and the development of sleep apnea.

With the help of months of rehabilitation to repair his knee alongside cardio exercises, and a diet change, Dallas brought his weight down by over 30 lbs!

However, his weight journey didn't end there.

Life dealt one more blow, this time it was emotional as he separated from his wife, and fell into a depression. Dallas knew that finding an outlet to feel better was key to getting through this – for him, it was weight training.  

I have increased energy and strength allowing me to go back to my trade as an interlocking paving stone and concrete block retaining wall installer. I'm able to work physically all day, hit the gym for hours and play with my children without getting tired.  

Dallas was able to find his second home at Kelowna Fitness World, spending 10-20 hours there each week!

My gains are constant and my attitude is positive. I'm excited for every workout and feel the sky is the limit. Some of the Nash staff say I'm there as much as they are!

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