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Success Story: How Clayton Lost Weight To Be Able To Play With His Son

Clayton was always the biggest kid in school, then the biggest guy at work, and among his friend. But with the birth of his son Clayton knew he needed to make a change. 

For some, being overweight also comes with feelings of fear and judgement. For Clayton, these feelings left him overwhelmed and letting exciting opportunities slip through his hands. 

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Then, Clayton decided it was time to change his life. 

Success Story: How Clayton Lost Weight To Be Able To Play With His Son

Clayton had four goals in mind:

  1. Weight-loss
  2. Improved cardio
  3. Confidence
  4. Setting an example for his 2-year-old son (the most important one).

With support from his personal trainer, Jason P. from Kelowna Fitness World, Clayton was able to kick his bad habits!


“Asking for help with something that I always thought I could do myself, has been the most rewarding experience of my life”.

He had always struggled to find a path to a healthy lifestyle that worked for him, but became motivated by the fear of his excess weight getting in the way of the activities him and his son would bond over. 

Clayton was determined: he was at the gym four days per week (this included his weekly personal training session), he started using apps to track his eating habits, and he followed his meal plan designed by Jason.

“Most importantly, I am proud of myself.”

After 8 weeks, Clayton is not only down 32 lbs., but his cardio, endurance and confidence was up. Clayton has embraced a total lifestyle change!

Congratulations – we look forward to supporting your goals.

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