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Success Story: How Chloe Turned the Gym into Her Outlet and Passion

Committing to being your healthiest self, means recognizing the habits or coping strategies you need to change to live your best life. 

After a period of suffering with binge eating disorder, Chloe knew it was time to commit to a healthy lifestyle of consistent workouts and healthy habits. She woke up one morning and decided that today was the day.

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On top of working two jobs, Chloe pushed herself to hit the gym 5 days each week, and even stick to it! Even working two jobs, she found time to get to the gym–which meant she was part of the early morning crew. 

Success Story: How Chloe Turned the Gym into Her Outlet and Passion

With flexible gym time hours, and various locations, Chloe was able to work out at both the Howe and Davie Fitness World and Downtown Express Fitness World.


“I owe a lot to Steve Nash Fitness World… they are so motivating and have all made an effort to get to know me personally and be involved in my journey”.

Chloe not only attained her two goals, to lose weight and to gain muscle, but she was able to switch her mindset from one full of negativity to a positive view on herself and her surroundings.

“I'm super happy with my progress and am working on maintaining my physique and adding some more muscle by incorporating heavy compound lifts a few times a week.” 

To date, Chloe has lost 35 pounds! She no longer turns to food to make her happy and gets herself through some of the harder days by going to the gym “to be surrounded by like-minded, inspirational people”. 

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