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Success Story: How Bailey C. Used Tragedy To Reach Her Goals

With years of heartache, from injury to family deaths, Bailey had every reason to throw in the towel on fitness. But with perseverance, she's crushing new goals each day.  

Bailey was a multi-sport athlete in high school, only four years ago. She worked out at least four hours each day, 6-days per week. Until right before graduation when Bailey broke her radius and ulna of her dominant arm, ultimately ending her career in sports, and her fitness routine was turned upside-down.

As it healed I couldn’t do much exercise. I started university the following September, and the “freshman 15” hit me. However, it decided to bring all its friends, and I ended up hosting a freshman 40.

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When the school year ended, Bailey's father was diagnosed with Leukemia and quickly admitted to the hospital. As many people do, Bailey found it hard to get out of the house, let alone do exercise. 

Success Story: How Bailey C. Used Tragedy To Reach Her Goals

Two months later, Bailey saw some photos and realized she wanted to make a change, not only for her appearance, but for her long-term health. She partnered with a friend who helped motivate her each day, and she saw the changes she had been longing for. Until she had a concussion a few months later and gained all of the weight back. As she healed, she tried to push through and start back with an exercise routine. 

Sadly, her father passed away just over a year after he began his battle against cancer. At the same time, Bailey was looking for a new job, finding a new place to live and deciding on her school career. Through her grief, she found time to focus on her own growth, prioritizing her health and fitness. 

While she began into her own routine at Steve Nash North Shore Fitness World, it wasn't until she started regular training sessions that she would find her success. She has set and hit new goals twice, and relies on her personal training sessions to keep her on track each week and reach her goals. 

[At Steve Nash Fitness Clubs] they genuinely care about your wellbeing, and that is something you don’t get everywhere. Having that constant support has really kept me excited to stay active.

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