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Success Story: How Andrea W. Gained Self-Esteem and Renewed Energy

Andrea had a goal in submitting her success story: to encourage, inspire and motivate others in their journey to experience the life-changing transformation she had. 

Andrea had been in a dark place, both physically and emotionally. Her health was suffering, and she felt like she was alone in it all. Daily life became unenjoyable. 

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After spending what felt like a lifetime being obese, Andrea was tired of staying in that same place. And while she had tried to start losing weight may times, she felt like she continuously threw in the towel. 

Motivated by a friend, Andrea finally came into Steve Nash Surrey Fitness World to try sessions with a trainer. It was "now or never", and even when she lost motivation, Andrea knew she needed to stay on her course. 

Success Story: Andrea W. Shares Her Motivation


It has been a real battle and struggle to stay on course with external influences trying to persuade me to give up many times. In securing a new trainer things began to change.

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In the first year of Andrea's journey at Steve Nash, she lost over 80lbs through proper nutrition, effective exercises and even personal life coaching from her trainer, Jason B. This helped her overcome personal hurdles, and cleared those "blockages" that Andrea felt held her back from being consistent in her workouts. 

During this time, several individuals, some of with whom I am familiar, and complete strangers have come up to me to comment on my success. I not only take pride in this, but become all the more passionate to cheer them on in their journey to success for getting in shape, weight loss.

Andrea hasn't just seen a change in her weight. She's less fatigued, and has more self-esteem than she's had in years. She feels good about life, and has the energy to take on new change with a smile. 

Today, Andrea is consistently working toward new goals, both in her fitness and her everyday life.

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