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Success Story: How Amanda Returned to Fitness After a Major Sports Injury 

 Growing up, Amanda was a sports star, participating in high school basketball, volleyball and netball. She was even part of the U-18 and U-23 Canadian national teams, until a knee injury meant she was couch ridden for 2 years. 

Amanda was naturally competitive and optimistic. During one netball competition, she partially tore her ACL and meniscus. As young people do, she continued to play without professional help. 

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She continued this way until her knee gave way during the Vancouver and District Volleyball championships. Amanda had fully torn her ACL and meniscus, requiring surgery and years of rehabilitation before she was able to play again. 

Success Story: How Amanda Returned to Fitness After a Major Sports Injury


Being inactive for the first time in my life put a damper on my lifestyle. I was in rehab instead of competing, I was isolated to a couch icing my knee and performing stationary stretches and I started to feel unmotivated.

Two years later, Amanda was finally able to get back to the sports that she loved!

She was physically and mentally set, regaining her position on the Canadian Netball National Team and even earning a gold medal at the championships in Toronto! 

Yet, once more, Amanda found herself injured and completely out of commission, tearing her ACL and meniscus. Between work, school and physiotherapy, she was exhausted, quickly losing motivation, gaining weight, and creating excuses for why she "had" to remain sedentary. 

Feeling like I was at the point of no return, instead of giving up, I realized that in order to get anywhere in life, success would not be handed to me on a silver platter.If I wanted something bad enough I needed to go out and get it myself. 

Amanda decided it was time to return to fitness after her major injury and signed up with a personal trainer, Jenna L. at Brentwood Sports Club who could isolate specific exercises, catering not only to her physical fitness, but her overall wellbeing and nutrition. 

Sometimes you need a push, regardless of a small or a hard one, so that you can steer your life in the positive direction again. I may not be the elite athlete I once was but I can say I have a positive mindset, am healthier, and motivated once again.

After 1.5 months Amanda isn't totally healed, but she knows it is a long process. 

I feel like I have more energy, I am more alert and cognizant throughout the day and a once dreaded environment has now become the focal point of excitement. I enjoy going to the gym and look forward to seeing how much and how far I will progress.

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