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Success Story: How Adina Beat the First Fitness Battle (Finding Time)

After contemplating purchasing a gym membership for over a year, Adina finally decided to commit. But finding the time was the next battle. 

As an active member of her community, and a university student, Adina felt that she had limited time for herself, let alone the gym. Plus, starting at square one in an unfamiliar space can be intimidating. 

Success Story: How Adina Beat the First Fitness Battle (Finding Time)

For Adina, she became concerned that her current weight and fitness level may cause health risks, especially as Type 2 Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease has impacted her family. 

But once she stepped foot in Steve Nash North Shore Fitness World, she immediately felt at home. Not only do staff know her name, but trainers will take the time to chat with Adina and encourage her along her fitness journey. 

But most helpful has been Claudia, my personal trainer, who has been alongside me since day one ... I could not have come this far without her. She has been so helpful and so encouraging, pushing me far beyond any limits that I may have set for myself.

Adina sees her personal trainer three times each week, and gets a lot of her motivation to stay at the gym from Claudia. She's been so motivated that she's lost nearly 40 pounds in a few short months, all while gaining muscle. 

Alongside the physical differences Adina has found that she has higher energy levels and she is able to focus more on her studies and additional projects. 

I know I’ve got a very long way to go in order to be at a weight that is both healthy and to my satisfaction, but I am more than motivated and excited to keep on going.

After only 6 months, Adina has made amazing changes and can't wait to keep reaching for her goals!

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