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Success Story: How a Medical Emergency Changed Carla's Life

It's imporant to seek help when you're "just not feeling yourself". For Carla, it wasn't until she was rushed to the hospital that she found out something was really wrong. 

While Carla never saw herself as "fit" or in excellent health, she had also never thought of herself as sick, in poor health or having any serious issues.

Then, Carla started to feel horrible. This lasted for months, until she was rushed to the hospital with a medical emergency. She found out she had a pulmonary embolism (PE), meaning there was a large blood clot in her right lung, smaller ones in her left. After six days in the hospital, and 6 months recovery, Carla finally began feeling like herself. 6 months for Carla to feel back to her usual self. 

Success Story: How a Medical Emergency Changed Carla's Life

Carla was given a very stong warning by doctors: she would be on blood thinners for at least 6 months, and seeing a specialist who may recommend this as a life-long prescription.

She needed to start her fitness journey now, or be bound to the fear of PE for life. 

When I was in the hospital I was regularly told how dangerous my situation was, and at one point they had to put an ICU bed on standby for me.

After Carla felt that she had recovered, she was ready to focus on her physical fitness with Steve Nash Downtown Sports Club. She knew it would be a long road. 

When I was ready to start exercising I wasn't sure what I was able to do, how I would feel, what was safe to do, or how to start getting back to normal, and then getting additionally fit/healthy.

Carla enlisted the help of personal trainer, Garrett. She wanted guidance on how to even start exercising, and how to adjust her diet in a way that worked for her. With a personalized meal and fitness plan in place, Carla was ready to take on her new goals, with Garrett's support powering her through. 

In the 4 months that Carla had been working with Garret, she lost 24 lbs, and increased her cardio, strength and mobility. 

Even better? She feels more confident in her ability to exercise – knowing what she should do, and doing it right!

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