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Success Story: Hongpu Reached Out to Learn Proper Fitness When He Didn't Have All the Answers

You don't always have all the answers. There's no shame in reaching out to professionals when you need a helping hand!

Hongpu began university and quickly found his eating habits had worsened due to the intense stress and pressure the workload brought. Much to his dismay, he noticed his body changing and his clothes no longer fitting. After trying exercises on his own with no success, he sought out the help of a personal trainer at the Steve Nash Kitsilano Fitness World.

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He began working with a personal trainer and quickly began regaining his lost range of motion, mobility and stability. As time progressed, he was able to build up his strength and start losing the weight he wanted gone. Thanks to his trainer, Hongpu is now on the fast track to learning new gym exercises that are helping him get the results he was hoping for.

My trainer has switched me onto a strict cardio intensive training program and just when I thought there was nothing left to learn, I was wrong! There are so many exercises I had never tried before and now I'm truly starting to see the results I've been looking for.


Today, Hongpu is able to do more difficult exercises and has added kickboxing into his exercise routine.

He is encouraged by the progress he has made and is motivated to continue to make fitness a priority in his life.

I can now wear my suit and feel confident inside of it which has made a huge impact in my life. Every workout I come in inspired to work harder and harder. I'm now creating new goals that I thought would take years to attain.

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