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Success Story: Learn how Hobin found a gym to help him reach his goals

For his whole life, Hobin wanted to have more muscle mass and a lower body fat percentage, but was never in a position to be successful. 

Hobin went to the gym once a week, and got a new job that required him to carry heavy loads. From the very start, he knew he needed to make changes because he struggled at his new workplace. 

"You have to be able to carry and pick up chains that are 45-100 pounds in weight, and since I was not going to the gym very often, I was struggling at the job," he said. 

Hobin decided to make a change, so he tried out different gyms in the area. 

"At the time, I was living in Port Moody, so I had a few choices of what gyms to go to," he said. 

He tried different gyms, but when he found Steve Nash in Coquitlam, he instantly loved it. 

"There were so many great exercise machines, as well as the old school hammer strength machines, along with a great deadlift and squat rack," he said. "I would watch the Personal Trainers at Steve Nash and mimic their exercises. They would sometimes spot me so I could train to failure and not have to worry about getting the bench back up." 

"Having that kind of support was really a huge favour."

Over time, Hobin was hooked. He loved coming to the gym and working out, leading to some incredible results in such a short amount of time. 

Hobin gained some serious muscle mass, and lost 20 pounds in under 3 months. Thanks to an online meal and workout plan that Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club offered to its members, he was able to enhance his workout program and build a great nutrition plan. 

"I owe a huge amount of gratitude towards Steve Nash because it has helped me get into working out. Before Steve Nash, I had worked out at other gyms and it wasn't the same atmosphere, or it didn't have the variety or quality of exercise machines as Steve Nash." 

"I can never truly repay Steve Nash Fitness Clubs for it was an amazing feeling knowing you achieved your goals." 

We're so happy that you were able to find your second home, Hobin! We're looking forward to bigger and better results in the New Year! 

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