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Success Story: How Personal Training Helped Harsev Overcome Unhealthy Habits & Become His Best Version!

Stepping on the scale was the wake-up call Harsev needed to make a change to his life. 

Harsev's fitness journey began in an uncomfortable situation. Twice a year, Harsev takes a trip to Whistler to go bungee jumping, one of his favourite activities in the summer seasons. At the end of last summer, the attendant had asked him for his weight. 

He uncomfortably stated that he was 245 pounds, knowing that he wasn't eating healthy or working out like he used to, Harsev initially thought that his weight shouldn't be too far from what he said. 

He stepped on the scale, only to find out he weight 298 pounds. Nearing 300 pounds at 30 years of age, Harsev knew he needed to make a change to break the bad habits, and become healthy again. 

In October 2017, Harsev walked into Steve Nash Downtown Sports Club for a consultation; that was when he met Megan, the location manager at the time. 


He had been with two personal trainers in the past, but unfortunately didn't have much success with him. However, Megan managed to convince him to sign up with a trainer, and decided to give it another shot.

Harsev's main concerns were to get his fitness back on track, knowing his history with sports and car accidents. Improving mobility was key for him to improving his fitness levels and break the unhealthy eating habits. 


Megan knew that it would take a Personal Trainer that would be willing to go the extra to help him accomplish his goals. He was connected to his trainer, Maria, who did take the extra steps to help him reach his goals. Maria kept in touch with Harsev regularly to make sure that he wasn't consuming the then-regular four Venti Mochas from Starbucks, or the daily intake of eight cans of Monster energy drinks, or the hourly chocolate cravings.

By January, Harsev stopped drinking energy drinks, and his caffeine intake had dropped significantly, including his meals being prepped! 

Harsev started his journey at Steve Nash with a weight of 298 pounds and 38% body fat. Now, he feels like a new man. 

Today I'm extremely happy with the progress I've made as I am now at 228lbs with a  body fat percentage of 24% . My waist size has gone from 46 inches to 34 inches. I can confidently say that I have never felt more energetic and mobile for years now. I am really grateful for the guidance Maria has given me.

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