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Success Story: How Gopi Went from Almost Wheelchair Bound to Running 10K Regularly

Gopi was nearly bound to life in a wheelchair, according to her doctor. But when she found fitness, her whole world changed. By 2014, Gopi had been in multiple car accidents, had chronic back pain, and was depressed. All of this resulted in extreme weight gain, and the possibility of living life in a wheel chair due to poor body mechanics. 

Support from her children pushed Gopi to start making the changes toward the weight loss she needed to live her life again. 

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Before she knew it, Gopi was signed up for a membership at Steve Nash Delta Fitness World, and was taking the steps she knew she needed to make lasting change–like signing up for personal training sessions. 

Success Story: How Gopi Went from Almost Wheelchair Bound to Running 10K Regularly

Gopi was overwhelmed by her new fitness journey. It can be a lot of new information, changes to your diet, changes to your schedule, etc., so having someone to help you along the way is key! Thanks to Delta Fitness World personal trainer, Idris, Gopi was able to make sense of this new lifestyle. 

The staff and trainers at Steve Nash are amazing! They gave me the tools and knowledge to help me reach my goals, kept me motivated and driven whenever I lacked motivation, and helped keep me coming back! Thank you to everyone at Steve Nash for helping me reach my goal, especially Idris.

Through a structured program that Idris developed to make fitness easier for Gopi, she has dropped a total of 100 lbs, she experiences no back pain, and can even go out running 10km three times each week as part of her fitness routine. 

Personal training has helped me take on goals I never imagined I would take on. My children are so proud and I’ll admit, I am too! I am more motivated and energetic than ever.

Now, Gopi is able to live the life she was meant to have. She is able to get out for activities with her children and watch as they grow!

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