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Success Story: Geoff Went From "Skinny-Fat" to Physically Fit

The phrase "skinny-fat" has become a commonly used term that highlights the idea that, while someone may look slim, they are not physically fit. And this was the case for Geoff. 

Since he was a teenager, Geoff had been active. But not to the extent that his now middle-aged body needed. He was very slender, or "skinny-fat," but lacking posture and prone to minor injuries like back strains, knee pain, etc. 

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Geoff had been a member with Steve Nash Fitness Clubs for over 13 years. Under his own workout regime, he noticed that his own routine wasn't giving him the results he needed.

One day, Geoff was approached by a personal trainer at Cambie Fitness World, Sara A. 

Within two months, I was seeing results which have continued to develop over the seven months that I have been working with her.

Success Story: Geoff Went From "Skinny-Fat" to Physically Fit

With the help of Sara, Geoff became interested in new areas and tools to use for his fitness, like the jump rope. Since working with a personal trainer, Geoff has also noticed a correction in his posture.


I don't even need to think about straightening up, I'm just always there. I've lost almost all the unwanted body fat and seen a major increase in lean muscle mass throughout my body. The general aches and pains I once experienced are all but gone and I rarely injury myself in day to day activities.

Geoff is a wonderful case to show that you can't judge a book by its cover!

With the help of knowledgeable experts, he was able to give his body exactly what it needed to make sure he can go about his day pain-free and feeling strong! 

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