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Success Story: Eileen L. Went From From Frozen Shoulder to Bikini Competitor at 53

Eileen L. was 53, with a frozen shoulder, and no motivation to continue her at-home workouts. When Eileen vowed to compete in a Bodybuilding Bikini Competition, she changed her life, forever. 

Over 3 years ago, Eileen experienced frozen shoulder, leaving her in so much pain that she was unable to lift her right arm. She stopped exercising at home, and gained excessive amounts of weight that Eileen was left feeling tired and depressed. 

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In November 2016 she decided it was time to get serious about her fitness journey and set a goal to join the Bodybuilding Bikini Competition in November 2017.

Her first step? Signing up for a membership with Steve Nash at Richmond Oval Fitness World

With little knowledge on how to actually get competition-ready, Eileen knew she needed the support of a personal trainer.

Three months into her new membership, she was introduced to trainer Mark H., whom she worked with two days each week–starting her days at the gym at 6:00am. 

I showed up at the gym at 6:00a.m. 100% ready for the challenges and fun exercises Mark had planned me. I had the heart of a champion and worked with passion. 

At 54 years old, Eileen wanted to make herself proud and show everyone that age is only a number, and your possibilities are endless.  

After less than one year of working with Mark, Eileen was stunned to see herself each time she looked in the mirror. 

But it isn't only about the looks and Bikini Competitions for Eileen. After signing up for the Vancouver Sun Run training in 2017, Eileen was determined to give it a try (despite her hatred for the sport). Months later, Eileen was signing up for yet another run, taking part in the UBC Longest Day 10K, and finishing in just over an hour!

Success Story: Eileen L. Went From From Frozen Shoulder to Bikini Competitor at 53

Since starting her journey, Eileen has lost 10% body fat, and 12lbs total (so far!) 

Some of Eileen's newest feats include: 

  • Complete assisted pull-ups
  • Can do assisted one-arm pull-ups
  • Completes full hanging weighted knee raises

I am humbled and overwhelmed when members and gym buddies walk up to me and take notice of my big transformation. They are all very supportive and cheerful for me when they see me do my work outs, as I push really hard during my personal training sessions with Mark. I am known at the gym as the “Energizer Bunny”.

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