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Success Story: Find out How Katy O. Battled Depression with Fitness

Katy started her fitnes journey at a time when she was overweight, and dealing with anxiety and depression. Taking numerous medications that didn't work, a suicide attempt, and hospitalization, she knew she needed something else. 

By this time, Katy had been going to the gym for a year but was never committed – until she was offered a free personal training session at Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club. 

Katy loved her first workout, decided to join Abbotsford Fitness World, and signed up for personal training sessions. Trying to find the motivation to get to the gym in the beginning was hard. Yet Katy found the support she needed to set a regular schedule and gained the energy to go more often thanks to her personal trainer, Jacob Katerberg and family. 

Success Story Katy O battled depression

In 10 months, Katy lost nearly 50 lbs, and went down a full clothing size. But the physical changes aren't her proudest change. 

My self confidence has grown exponentially and I no longer feel the effects of my depression constantly. I find it much easier to get out of bed everyday and I'm always pushing myself past my personal limits. 

Today, Katy plans to join the military when she completes her bachelors degree, feeling better prepared to endure the rigorous training progress. 

Thanks to the support from trainers, especially her trainer, Jacob, and convenient locations and hours, Katy has found it easy make fitness part of each day, and even looks forward to it! 

I had no true motivation to get in shape before joining Steve Nash, but now I'm motivated every day to be healthier.

Katy knows that goals are always a work in progress, but she's moving forward each day. Each weigh-in, she notices her weight loss and muscle gains. Even though there are days when her depression still wins out, she pushes herself to the limits on each visit. 

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