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Success Story Finalist: Nicci Clark's Road to Recovery Led Her to Become a Personal Trainer

Nicci was rear ended in August 2014, sustaining multiple injuries to her neck, back, ribs, and hips.

She was living in constant pain and fear. At the time, she was 240 hours through a 600 hour practicum on her way to a new career, which she had to terminate.

She sat sat around feeling sorry for herself, trying to find ways to cope, both physically and mentally, as this accident completely changed her world.

Success Story Finalist: Nicci Clark - Her Road to Recovery Led Her to Personal Training

After a few months of realizing that physio and massage alone was not going to make this go away, Nicci started taking ownership of her body pain and her mind, and rose above all the excuses.

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She went to every effort to gain strength as she knew this would be the only way she would feel somewhat normal again.

She hated it at first, being forced to do activities she wasn't used to doing – all because someone else rear-ended her! She even used some of that anger to discover her "beastmode."

She started training at Canadian Back Institute (CBI) and quickly learned then how important form is with every single exercise. Due to her level of pain from her injuries, she realized she never wanted to set herself backwards–always trying to go forwards. After months of doing loads of exercises in her basement with bands and balls, and training at CBI gym, Nicci began to find a love for the way exercising helped her pain, as well as her mindset!

Success Story Finalist: Nicci Clark - Her Road to Recovery Led Her to Personal Training

She accepted that this was going to have to be a lifetime commitment, and it was then that she went straight into Steve Nash Fitness World in Richmond to get a membership.

Nicci also cares for her mother who is 79 years old and has dementia. She needed to earn her strength back for her too, to better take care of her. She was one of the driving forces behind Nicci's goal to change for the better.

I am so blessed and thankful to have teamed up with this gym and its staff and members! Everyone is so supportive and knowledgeable at Steve Nash and I have happily been training 6 days a week for almost a year and a half now with Nash! Thanks to the support and daily encouragement, I am able to conquer my goals and set new ones with their guidance and advice!

I have fallen so much in love with working out for new strengths at this gym that I am currently enrolled in the October 2017 BCPTI course so that I can certify to be a part of this leading team!

Success Story Finalist: Nicci Clark - Her Road to Recovery Led Her to Personal Training


Nicci's entire structure and posture has changed for the better, because of her hard work, dedication, and unwillingness to give up. She has become addicted to pushing herself hard with focus, and earning new strengths daily. 

Now she is on her way to becoming a personal trainer, so she can help others hit their fitness goals, and do it safely, just like her personal trainer helped her. 

Congrats to Nicci, on overcoming pain and injury, all the way to starting a career in the fitness industry, and on being a finalist in our 2018 Success Story contest.

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