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Success Story Finalist: Baljit Gill - From Vulnerable to Powerlifting with Confidence

Baljit struggled with fitness her entire life. 

She was known as the “chubby kid” growing up, and throughout all of elementary and high school, she was the kid that everyone loved to ridicule and bully. If that wasn't enough, she lost her two brothers at a young age from a disease called muscular dystrophy. This tore Baljit and her family apart.

After being bullied, and put through the emotional strain from the loss of her siblings, she was left in a vulnerable state with a severe lack of confidence. 

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During Baljit's teen years and early twenties, she put on quite a bit of weight. At one point, she had given up and accepted that she was going to be big her entire life. She reached her highest weight of 288 lbs. This was her all-time lowest point in life–physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

At this point, Baljit did want to lose weight, but was never able to succeed. 

It took the love and support of her friends and family to heal her mentally and emotionally first, before she could attempt a physical change.

In 2015, Baljit came across a Groupon for Steve Nash Fitness Clubs for a one month trial and three personal training sessions. Right before it was about to expire, she activated it, with no intention of continuing the membership beyond that one month, because she had already signed on for a yearly contract with another gym.

During her trial and personal training sessions, Cameron Kwasney (Baljit's personal trainer at that time) talked to her about how personal training would be an investment into her future. He was able to convince her to join and continue doing training sessions with him. She is glad he did, because this was the true turning point in both her fitness journey and her quality of life.

Success Story Finalist: Baljit Gill - Now Powerlifing with Confidence!

After Baljit's first month of training and sticking to a nutrition plan, she lost 14 lbs, beating her goal of 10 lbs!

After this point, she continuously saw results month after month, achieved multiple non-scale victories, and noticed an overall change to her confidence! Throughout the year, Baljit's confidence in herself grew to a point she'd never experienced!

As Cameron moved on from Steve Nash, Baljit continued her journey with Gavin Gambhir at the Brentwood location. Gavin continuously keeps fitness new and exciting for Baljit by introducing different types of fitness training (like kickboxing, metabolic training, and powerlifting).

Gavin is an amazing trainer who knows how to push me beyond my limits and show me how much more capable I am!

Success Story Finalist: Baljit Gill - Now Powerlifing with Confidence!

A True Success Story

Since the beginning of Baljit's fitness journey with Steve Nash Fitness Clubs in 2016, she has lost 120 lbs and 22.6% body fat. 

The first time she did the Grouse Grind while she was at her heaviest, it took her 3 hours, 30 minutes, but most recently, she completed it in 1 hour, 7 minutes. She also completed a half marathon in under three hours, and completed her first Tough Mudder in June 2017.

In the gym, she tripled her 1 rep max in her squat, bench press, and deadlift, while consistently losing weight and eating clean. She is truly happy and confident in herself.

To this day, Baljit continues to buy personal training sessions because she enjoys conquering every challenge Gavin puts in front of her, seeing herself doing things she never imagined doing, and overall, having a good time!

Working out started off as a NEED to get healthy; now I work out because I WANT it at part of my everyday life and ENJOY every bit of it!

Baljit trains with Gavin Gambhir twice a week at the Park Royal Location. His ability to motivate her and push her beyond her limits made Baljit want to follow him all the way from Brentwood to Park Royal!

Gavin has been huge with showing me my true potential. By him constantly pushing me for more, it has shown me that no matter what I think my maximum is, I will always have strength to do more!

With Gavin's support, we are aiming to make me the strongest version of myself, currently focusing on powerlifting!

Please help us in congratulating Baljit as one of our Top 4 Finalists from our Success Story contest for 2018.

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