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Success Story Finalist: Ange Falletta Finally Put Fitness First–and Look at Her Now!

Life got in the way, while fitness took a back seat for Ange, and the inevitable weight gain ensued.

Ange had always been on the slim side and never really needed to worry or think about what she was eating, or how much she was exercising.

Then she started university.

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Life got busy and stressful, and in combination with all of life's obstacles, Ange began to let herself go. In attempts to stay afloat with university and everything else, something had to give–and that turned out to be fitness.

Success Story Finalist: Ange Falletta Finally Put Fitness First

Ange was exercising less, if at all, yet maintained the same careless eating habits. She justified this lifestyle to herself time and time again by blaming her bad habits on her busy student life. Before she knew it, a year had passed of steady weight gain... then two years. Then all of a sudden, it was eight years later and she had long been finished school and was at the heaviest weight she had ever been. 

Ange no longer had excuses to hide behind for why she was not making my health a priority. She was not oblivious to the fact that she had gone up eight clothing sizes, but she lacked the motivation and accountability to make the lifestyle change that she needed. She made new excuses for her lack of fitness, like the launching of her career.

Sometimes she would try new exercise routines, but never stuck with anything for long if she didn't quickly see the results that she wanted..

Success Story Finalist: Ange Falletta Finally Put Fitness First

Finally, she reached the turning point. She made a promise to herself that the girl she saw in the mirror was going to be a girl of the past.

It was time to make the changes that she had been telling herself she was going to make for years, but didn't. This time would be different. She would put fitness first.

That same day, Ange signed up for Steve Nash–and she says it was probably the best decision she has made in her life. Her first day at the gym was brutal, but she had the determination to really make it happen this time.

Ange currently trains three days a week with Danny David at Downtown Express Fitness World.

I honestly cannot say enough great things. Danny is truly an amazing trainer, friend and motivator. I could not have done this without him. He has been an amazing person to work with and I am so grateful that he always pushes me beyond what I thought my limits were. I can honestly say I would not be where I am without him.

Success Story Finalist: Ange Falletta Finally Put Fitness First

Nine months of hard work and whole lot of willpower later, she is 60 pounds lighter and counting! But the journey isn't over. Ange is determined to undo 10 years of bad habits, and find her full potential.

There really is a gym family vibe that keeps its members wanting to come back and looking forward to meeting their goals.

Ange is steadily moving closer to her goals each day, with the help of her trainer. We wish her the best of luck with her future goals! There is no looking back, only moving forward.

Congrats Ange, on making our top Finalists from our 2018 Success Story Contest!

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