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Success Story: Connie T. Became a World Class Dragon Boat Racer at 70 Years Old

At 70 years old, Connie has the metobolic rate comparable to someone at 54 and has competed in two Dragon Boat World Champions.

In better shape than she's ever been, Connie continues to look forward to many more years living as an active and fit senior!

Connie struggled through her life to balance work and fitness - a common struggle that professionals face. In retirement, Connie began to find time for what she is passionate about, and realizing it is never too late to work on health issues she began to paddle in dragon boat competitions. 

It was then that she decided it was necessary to get a personal trainer in order to perform her best at competitions and stay injury-free. Working with Jehoram C. at Abbotsford Fitness World, Connie continues to see growth in her strength and enduance. 

Success Story: Connie T. Became a World Class Dragon Boat Racer at 70 Years Old

Since starting her dragon boat and fitness journeys, Connie has lost 45 lbs and competed with her team of 60+ in the Dragon Boat World Championships in Italy (2014) and Australia (2016) where she was part of the team winning two silvers and one bronze medal against the world's best in her age group. 


I received challenge and encouragement from my trainer who has a lot of knowledge about muscles/Imbalances . He is helping me to further my success as an aging but athletic senior. Feeling more confident and stronger than I ever felt before!

Today, Connie has a metabolic rate comparable to a 54 year old. Seeing Jehoram twice per week, with regular gym-time between training. Learning which machines and exercises are right for her, and how to properly use them to keep from physical injury has also transition to proper paddling technique to maximize her performance. 

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