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Success Story: Donald Found Confidence and Motivation in Fitness

Donald was like many other high school kids: motivated to workout and look good for senior year. But during this time he realized fitness was about way more than looks. 

While Donald was in his senior year of high school, he applied to the Vancouver Police Department. This meant he not only needed to be well educated, but he also needed to be physically fit. 

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Donald felt like he was starting his training from the ground up. He kept junk food in his locker at all times, and thought that he was lazy. 

But when he passed his entrance exam, he knew he needed to prepare for the fitness test. Donald barely made the passing standard, and later in the process he was differed. 

Donald Found Confidence and Motivation in Fitness

I took this as a sign that the way I have been eating and the way I have been taking care of my self wouldn't do. I decided to completely reinvent myself.

With his downtime, Donald decided he couldn't go back to his old habits: gaming and junk food. Instead, he would join a gym: Steve Nash Marine Gateway Fitness World

He found working out at a large gym with all the equipment he could need, gave him more opportunity to get in his workouts, in less amount of time. 

On top of that there are the friendly Personal Training staff. Even though I wasn't their client they would still be there to give pointers or to warn me if I was doing something wrong.

When Donald started the 90-Day Challenge, everything changed. While he had a steady workout schedule, he didn't have the expertise to see the change he wanted. 

Pushed by the Marine Gateway Personal Trainers, like Tristan, he found new comfort zones and explored boundaries he never knew he could cross. 

I owe my success to them, because of them I lost 45lbs and won the challenge at my gym.

With this new discipline Donald has found in the gym, he has more confidence in every area of his life. 

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