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Success Story: David A. Retained His Shoulder Mobility Through Rehab

David's adult life has been moderately active. He has exercised at probably a dozen places, including a home gym, over the years.

The major impediment to exercise in prior years was workload, but it was seldom the sole factor. Aging for David has come with its challenges, above those normally experienced. This past year, Jason Bell, one of the trainers at Delta Fitness World, observed David carrying very different dumbbell weights with his left and right arm. David explained that he was fighting a left shoulder issue, and Jason referred him to Ankur Sharma, a new employee whose physiotherapy background provided important methods in addressing his shoulder problems.

Success story - David Retain shoulder mobility at SNFC

Ankur felt that David's shoulder was approaching something called “frozen shoulder”. So he developed a remedial program for David that involved joint mobilization, myofascial release, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching, muscle energy technique, kinesio taping, postural correction, and functional training over the subsequent months. Many of these concepts and techniques were new to David, of course, but he happily accepted them (with only a little bit of grumbling). Pain was part of David's experience in stretching and mobilization techniques, but he learned that short term misery (3-4 out of 10) was tolerable, and useful in moving him through rehabilitation.

The journey is not yet complete, however, it has helped David to retain and enhance his mobility over the past several months. He could get back to his passion of playing basketball,  and is able to do pull-ups, push-ups, and use the TRX––which is not bad for 73 years of age!

“I am no more 73 years old, I feel 73 years YOUNG. Age is not barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind.”

Before following Ankur's program, David was unaware of concepts such as myofascial release, and the tools and exercises that supported his remediation.

The benefits of the exercises so far have been increased shoulder mobility, reduced pain, and strength gains. None of the other gyms David attended prior offered the level of intervention he experienced at Delta Fitness World.

He is pleased with the changes and intends to continue working on further improving his shoulder, and on enhancing mobility––a challenge that comes with aging.


I no longer have the speed, jump, quickness or integrated movement of age 18, but it seems improvement remains an option at this age. I’m more mobile, comfortable and motivated on the court now because I have overcome my Frozen Shoulder. It seems that every age and fitness level has an effective training range. I’m learning to appreciate that and continuing to improve gradually in strength and flexibility. I have achieved almost 100% motion with my left shoulder, minus a few degrees. Functional training is increasingly a part of my life. Ankur’s approach has emphasized the need to move the body in all its dimensions. I am implementing his directions and expanding my weight training. 

Congrats to David on all his hard work in rehabilitation, and awesome job, Ankur! Stories like this make us happy. 

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