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Success Story: How Darcy Lost Weight and Battled PTSD with Help from SNFC

Darcy is a Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. In February 2016, he was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Darcy's path to PTSD started with his four years of service in Syria, where he was injured. He took sick leave from his job as a BC Sheriff in November 2015.

Success Story: Darcy E. lost weight and battles PTSD at SNFC 

Prior to his diagnosis, Darcy cut himself off from friends, outdoors activities, and sports. He had been fit and active his entire adult life, so it was alarming when his weight increased to 210 lbs––the heaviest he has ever been.

Darcy's doctor advised him that veterans with PTSD respond better to treatment when they are more physically active, and participate in team sports.

In March 2016, he started his journey back to improving both his mental well-being and physical fitness. While receiving treatment for his PTSD, Darcy also started running, paddling outrigger and dragon boats, and started eating a more healthy and balanced diet.

The first 10lbs came off pretty quick, but Darcy hit a wall––and even though he was being active––the weight was not coming off. He was still stuck at 200 lbs––much heavier than he wanted to be.

In May 2016, Darcy's friend Sherry Boudreau convinced him to try attending one of her Group Fitness classes at Victoria Fitness World.

Nothing else was working, so he took her up on it. He started attending her classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings: Naked Warrior and 3D Fit.

These fitness classes weren't easy; Darcy was sore and tired when he first started, but it was not long before the pounds started falling off!

I started to feel better and I was not only keeping up with the class, I started to challenge myself to do better. By the end of September 2016, I had hit my weight goal of 180 lbs. I lost 30 lbs in total!

Sherry is the epitome of optimism! The positive energy and optimism that she portrays during her classes is infectious. She always has a smile, and checks in with us to see how we are doing. When I was doing the "22 Push-up Challenge" she took part in the challenge, and stayed after class to take the videos. Then, she herself took up the challenge and posted her videos for 22 days. She is awesome!

On September 23rd, 2016, Darcy's Dragon Goat team became BC Provincial Champions at the 55+ BC Games held in Coquitlam.

His doctor was very satisfied with both his mental and physical progress––he is now planning on returning to work. Congrats Darcy!

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