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Success Story: How Colleen Adapted to Sudden Changes in Her Life

Life happens fast and can suddenly change, leaving you to pick up the pieces.

Colleen's world was turned upside down in August of 2016. Her marriage of 15 years was suddenly over. At the same time, the job she had known and loved for the last 15 years was closing up, meaning she was going to be transferred. With 2 young boys, she knew life had to carry on.

By 2018, she hit a major slump. She found that she didn't enjoy anything anymore and felt exhausted all the time. After visiting with her doctor and being diagnosed with delayed grief, she was given 3 options: exercise, therapy, or anti-depressants. After weighing her options, Colleen reached out to the Steve Nash Kingsway Fitness World location where she quickly signed-up for a membership and personal training.

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Since beginning her personal training sessions with Admoon, Colleen has noticed positive changes to both her physical and mental wellbeing.


The internal shift I feel has been tremendous. While I can appreciate friends, family & colleagues noticing the physical change, my feelings deep down are so much better. I rave about how much this has improved my life even going so far as to post mirrored selfies, (to which a friend commented 'Michelle Obama called and she wants her arms back') something that is so unnatural to me. I just feel great on the inside.


Colleen credits Admoon as a big reason for her success in the gym. He pushes her to give every exercise and every workout her all.


Admoon pushes me past my limits and does not let me quit. I can grunt and curse to get through and he just keeps me smiling and laughing when I may want to cry. Even when he has seen me cry, he does not make me feel intimidated or weak for it. He sees my potential and applauds me regularly. The club feels like a community that I never realized I was missing out on.

Today, Colleen continues to push herself with the help of Admoon. She is on track to reach the goals she set out at the beginning of her journey. She is thoroughly enjoying this healthy shift in her life and has no intentions of ever letting it end.

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