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Success Story: How Fitness Helped Charleen Deal with Parkinson's

You're never too old to begin your fitness journey.

Charleen's fitness journey began when she was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2005. She displayed all the symptoms of the disease: stiffness, trouble balancing, and constant pain in her back, shoulder, elbow, and hand. She soon began seeing a physiotherapist to work on regaining some of her movement.

Being active at the gym was something she often thought and dreamed about doing.  

I would walk through the mall everyday and see the members of the gym, thinking that I should probably be up there with them. But I told myself that the gym was too intense and I needed something kinder, gentler and at least the physiotherapy was better than nothing.

Success Story: How Fitness Helped Charleen Deal with Parkinson's

Fed up with only dreaming, she decided to indulge her curiosity and learn more about whether the gym would be a viable option for her. She went to the Steve Nash Cambie Fitness World gym to get more information and 30 minutes later left with a membership and weekly training sessions.

Charleen began seeing results, and slowly but surely saw the progress she was hoping for.

When I first joined the gym, my trainer would have to hold my hand so I didn't fall over while doing a lunge. Now I can do a row of 9 or 10 with side twists with no help from her!

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Going to the gym and working out with her personal trainer, Ashley P, is now one of the highlights of her week. Regular exercise has led to less doctor visits and left her looking for more ways to be active in her everyday life.

I used to avoid the walk up the hill from my house. I would wait for the bus just so I did not have to walk that hill. Now there is no hesitation. I walk up and think nothing of it.

Charleen is pleased with her progress and hopes to continue on her path. At 76 years old, she knows the road ahead won't always be easy, but is confident she'll be able to tackle whatever obstacles come her way.

My goal is to be able to live on my own for as long as possible. Thanks to Steve Nash Fitness World and Ashley I am managing to do just that.

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